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Ahmed Abdirahman Ahmed

CEO & Founder, EAG International


Dear Staff Member:

Nothing is more important to us than having the trust of our customers. In our business, deals are often made with a handshake and a nod, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.
We are constantly talking to our customers to better gauge their needs so we can plan and optimize our service accordingly.

Our officers not only receive the best training in the Service, they are also instilled in our company culture of establishing close customer relationships. We want our customers to sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that their offshore operation is in the best possible hands
To those of you who are new, I welcome you to the EAG. I believe you will find that our Islamic heritage, together with the Company’s strong sense of community, produce an exciting environment in which to work.

Our vision lines vary from providing services to up market Club owners to Remote camp operators, wherein most of them, a turn-key service is delivered covering quality catering, eye to detail housekeeping, hygienic janitorial, smart reception staffing, prompt maintenance services, and reliable quality labor supply.

Each employee has a vital part to EAG Catering at the cutting edge of the industry since its establishment. We provide outstanding standards, cost-effective services to clients across a diverse range of industries.
We have prepared this handbook to acquaint you with the range of our services, and our employment policies and procedures. More detailed information is available in the Company’s Office of Human Resources.

I sincerely hope that you will find your work both pleasant and rewarding, and that your association with the EAG will be a satisfying one.

Ahmed Abdirahman Ahmed
CEO & Founder, EAG International

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