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Corporate & Business Service

Corporate & Business Service

Not You’re Typical Corporate Role

Our Business Services group is fundamental to our success in running a world-class organization. Our formula is simple: We hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to feel supported, be happy, and excel at what they do.

Open Positions

We look for well-rounded leaders and team players with the skills and drive to make an impact.


Executive Assistants and Manager Assistant’s partner with our senior leadership to manage calendars, build client relationships and support, case teams. Our Office Services teams ensure that each of our offices around the world is equipped to run smoothly, providing a high standard of customer service daily.


Finance is responsible for the accounting and reporting of our firm’s financial results and for working with clients, employees, and vendors on finance matters. It takes a large group of people to manage the various responsibilities of the finance function, and we have developed specialized teams of experts to achieve our objectives.


Graphics supports EAG case teams by designing and editing powerful presentations for clients. Team members create advanced artwork

Information Services

Information Services provides secondary research services and access to external published information and experts.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management harnesses the best of our EAG’s individual and collective expertise. As key members of our EAG’s practices, Knowledge Management employees contribute thought leadership, content knowledge, and operations support to case teams and practice leaders.


The Legal team ensures compliance with all applicable laws and the industry’s highest professional standards across all of our global offices. Expertise includes data privacy, technology, contracts, and employment law.


The mission of Global Marketing is to advance our reputation by reinforcing internally and externally a single global identity.

Our team’s capabilities span brand management, public relations, digital marketing, product marketing, editorial, CRM, alumni relations, internal communications, and creative services. Additionally, Global Marketing supports regions, local offices, and practice areas in their awareness and relationship-building efforts.

Next-Generation Software Solutions (NGSS)

Our team’s mission is to develop and support digital solutions for our consultants and clients, so they get to better, faster insights and results. We are at the forefront of the digital disruption in consultancy by delivering technology solutions that help solve the most difficult problems. Our group manages software product development, ongoing support, customer success, technical services, and technical operations.

Talent Management

The Talent Management team is made up of Recruiting, Human Resources, Training, and the EAG Career Advisory (ECA). Our Recruiting team markets too, targets, screens and hires the best talent for all of our offices. Human Resources supports and advises staff and managers in matters related to recruiting, benefits, compensation, performance, career management, employee relations, and our policies and programs. The Training team is responsible for global, in-office, and digital/online learning. The EAG takes pride in preserving lifelong relationships with our global network of alumni.

Business Development (BD)

Our Business Development (BD) team leads the development of the EAG Alliance Ecosystem (EAE), a curated network of partnerships that helps clients and teams get better results faster. The team facilitates the development and delivery of our partnerships through transaction support at key stage gates and one repeatable model for success.

Career Path

Opportunities to grow vary across different teams but know that you will be challenged in new ways as you make an impact on our business. At EAG, your professional development and opportunities for learning and progression are always top of mind. You can expect an ambitious, supportive, and encouraging work environment to help you accomplish and define your professional goals. 

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