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Our Philosophies

  1. Create New Value by Anticipating the Future Needs of Customers
  2. Contribute to Society with World-Leading Technologies
  3. Realize Future Dreams by Maximizing Corporate Value
  4. Think and Act Globally
  5. Be a Flexible and Dynamic Group
    1. 1) Flexible Group Harmony
    2. 2) Build Friendly yet Competitive Relations with Our Business Partners to Achieve Mutual Benefit
  6. Be a Company that Leads to Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices
  7. With Our Relationship with Society in Mind, Take Action and Earn Society’s Trust
    1. 1) Be Open, Fair, and Known to Society
    2. 2) Make Contributions that Are Unique to EAG to Local Communities
  8. The Pride and Enthusiasm of Each Employee Are the Driving Forces of Our Group
    1. 1) the Cumulative Growth of All Group Members Serves as the Foundation for the Group’s Development
    2. 2) Pride and Loyalty
    3. 3) Passion and Perseverance
  9. Be Recognized Worldwide by Optimally Managing the Organization and its Human Resources, under Our Fast & Flat Management System
    1. 1) Participate, Understand, and Act
    2. 2) Offer Increased Opportunities to Those who take on Challenges
    3. 3) Demonstrate Our Strength as a Team Composed of Diverse Professionals
  10. An Atmosphere of Freedom, Boldness, and “Best Practice, Our Way”
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