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Easy Savings Calculation of your MHE Fleet

Contracted maintenance takes the guesswork out of keeping your MHE where it belongs: out on your warehouse floor, driving your supply chain as well as your bottom line.

Contracted maintenance is a smarter way of doing what you already are doing when it comes to maintaining your material handling equipment. Although, it is a little more robust; a fully contracted maintenance program uses one company and one set of professionals to keep your equipment in good working order, repair any unforeseen issues, and even help you buy or lease new equipment when the time comes.

It is a predictable cost, unlike ad-hoc solutions that can come with wildly varying results and price points.

Established in 1961, Kenco’s material handling experts know that optimizing your fleet can contribute savings to your bottom-line.

With almost 60 years of experience serving clients across all industries, we have made it our top priority to find unique and creative ways of saving you money.New call-to-action



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