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Drugs and Medical Equipment

Drugs and Medical Equipment

The Primary services we provide, either separately or as a turn key package, are:


EAG Drug and medical equipment company specialized in whole sale distributor of pharmaceutical and equipment. Our business started in 2006 as only pharmaceutical distributor in Somalia market and neighboring countries, Our business motto is honest, professional and reliable company, we supply high quality products first delivery and sincere after sales services, because of our business principle of clients first. We provide our customers high quality products of medicines and equipment’s, to complete the needs of our customers.

EAG Drug and medical Equipment Company is private and Partnership Company owned by group of Somali intellectuals through shares dividend it is head quarter is Mogadishu-Somalia and have some branches in whole regions of the country.

Our Vision

We will continuously develop and successfully lead our service business, serving as a role model for business conduct, professionalism, and quality of service, while providing added values and being the company of choice for our partners and employees

  • To contribute our extensive knowledge of medical procedures to medical professionals in hospitals and other medical institutions
  • To introduce and support the implementation of innovative medical treatments to replace out-dated traditional procedures and technologies.
  • We never compromise in our support of and availability to the hospitals, clinical departments, and doctors that we serve. We constantly continue our search for breakthrough technologies that “make a difference”.

Our Mission

To be the biggest trading company in Somalia in the medical field.

Our Goals

  • Projects commitment.
  • Respecting the timeframes.
  • Excellent financial outcomes.
  • Continues progress.
  • Patient safety.
  • Medical care provider development.
  • Fined the best solution for any medical problems.

We strive to be:

Constantly improving our business results, strengthening our position as market leaders in the areas of our activity. Recognized by clients as a leader in product quality, professionalism, and quality of service. Valued by multinational service business leaders as a partner providing significant added value. Favored as a place of work and a source of pride for our employees


EAG success and positioning as a leading company is the direct outcome of the excellent work of our employees. We believe that Leadership, Partnership, Expertise, Proficiency, and Quality can be achieved only by people who are themselves leaders, partners, experts, and those who seek excellence. We are committed to the personal and professional wellbeing of our employees. Time, skills, and resources are invested in order to recruit the best candidates, train them, build teams, enhance leadership, and encourage cooperation in order to create a positive dynamic atmosphere for all.  Amongst our senior managers, one can find many who started working at EAG in sales, service, or administrative positions and have been promoted to senior management positions. Many of our employees have been with us for long periods of time and we enjoy their commitment and the strong personal relations they maintain with our customers and partners.


Provides a wide range of products in the fields of:

  • Medical equipment such as radiology ICU equipment›s, operation room assembly, nursery…etc.
  • Healthcare, medical items, and devices.
  • Medical consumables such as syringes, cannula, and needles…etc.
  • Medical Laboratories and blood banking devices, reagents, consumables…etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: distributing and impelling pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, and health consuming products.

EAG Drug Medical & Equipment Company Marketing and sales ability

High quality sales and marketing based on IT technology is the driving force of EAG Drug growth along with capability of developing competitive products. From 2006, sales representatives have been going to the field in the morning and directly back home after work.

 EAG has longed for a system which minimizes document work and puts sales representatives closer to the customers.

EAG was able to increase the quality gap with other companies by working to achieve Sales revolution by closing all sales stores, allowing the representatives to work at home, and specifying the teams into groups with the power to make decisions.

EAG – DME–Goal & Objective in the Market

  • To cover the needs of all our clients in the Market
  • Distribute & Supply products to the local market
  • To deliver our products to the neighboring countries 
  • To be the leading company in the country/Somalia
  • To satisfy our customer’s needs on the ground.

EAG – DME– Our Goals

  • Projects commitment.
  • Respecting the timeframes.
  • Excellent financial outcomes.
  • Continues progress.
  • Patient safety.
  • Medical care provider development.
  • Fined the best solution for any medical problems.

EAG – DME– Key Points

  • Leading, experienced distributor in the Medical areas in Somalia, since 2006.
  • Provides a full solution for multinationals, covering all local aspects with in house capabilities.
  • Growth oriented.
  • Maintains close business relations with the relevant ministries, medical and scientific institutions, and healthcare providers.
  • Holds advanced regulatory affairs capabilities and compliance standards.
  • Reputed for best in class standards of operation and service.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.

EAG – DME– Strategy

  • Be the partner of choice and one-stop-shop for multinational healthcare and life science corporations seeking to enter or expand their business in Somali.
  • Provide our partners with the highest level of professional services and commitment.
  • Continuously expand market presence and leadership position in our markets.


Our Top Clients

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