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Security Services

Security Services

The Primary services we provide, either separately or as a turn key package:


Extended in November 2006 by Eli Ali Group of Companies Ltd, which has extended new security specialists to focus the Provision of other general services, EAG SS  has the distinction of having an entirely Somali private security industry pedigree. Prior to establishing this company. The Company had accumulated extensive experience in the security services through the provision of security supports, safeguarding and installation of quality barrier security products. EAG SS  was borne out of a desire to deliver a security service that meets the specific needs of the client, be those physical security barriers or manned security services


is a simple one. We wish to be recognized as the medium-sized security company of choice to the commercial, hotels, offices, industrial, and private market sectors within the greater Benadir Municipal Area. We believe that this is possible through the efficient delivery of a personalized and effective security service. In keeping with our pragmatic approach to business our company.


is to achieve a level of sustainable commercial success, measured growth and ongoing competitiveness in the security sectors by recognizing the value of the clients we already have and always striving to exceed their expectations. We additionally wish to contribute positively in building a non-racial, non-sexist Somalia within an organizational the framework which will create opportunities for, and encourage the personal development of all of our employees As an owner-managed business, it is our practical hands-on approach backed up by 5 years’ experience in business, which is our competitive advantage. In simple terms, we know the business, we know the people and we know all of the “tricks of the trade.” Against this backdrop and with the appreciation that ultimately it is our people, who through their behavior determine the measure of our success, that EAG SS recognizes the need to employ a most stringent RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION

procedure. As a labor-intensive operation, it simply makes good business sense to actively seek out the most competent and responsible personnel. The foundation of our employment program is a strategy for ongoing

recruitment. It is no secret that all security companies draw their personnel from the same pool of candidates. At EAG SS we have opted for an alternative approach – we make a point of identifying suitable employment candidates in their working environments. In other words, we run an ongoing campaign to recruit security officers who are currently employed and who we have identified as displaying the quality that was hard askey employment criteria. This includes criteria such as appearance, physical presence, verbal communication skills, attitude, etc. We and that these attributes are in most cases a better indicator of the individual’s actual ability than is his “formal” training. In fact, we place very little value in the clan base selection. If nothing else our practical experience in the private security institutions has taught us that there is no way that a one-week training course is sufficient to a security officer with the skills he will require to carry out his duties to we demand. It goes without saying of course that our selection process ensures compliance with all relative legislation, our approach however we believe is more realistic than the industry norm. Give us a man with the right set of physical, psychological, and personal attributes, and we will give him the support, the skills, and the con dence that will enable him to carry out his duties in a manner that consistently exceeds client’s expectations. At EAG SS we are committed to the TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT of employees on an accelerated basis through effective training and a skills transfer program. We acknowledge that training and development are important in the achievement of the objectives of our organization because it is only through training that employees gain skills, abilities, knowledge, and attitudes on how to perform more effectively.

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